Free Career Resources – improve your career

This page contains free career resources that help you to understand your Career Strategy, or simply help you to improve your current situation. These career resources will help structure your career aspirations and make better decisions about where you want to go.

Free Career Resources

Opportunity Assessment Tool (Excel)

The Opportunity Assessment Tool is designed to assist people in making career decisions, using a list of common criteria that people look for in their work.

The tool uses a simple 3-step process, including:

  • A self-assessment, allowing you to state your preferences regarding your work and career
  • The relative assessment, allowing you to enter the relative good (and bad) points of the opportunity you are considering
  • The final score, showing you how your opportunity stacked up against your preferences and where you are now

I hope you find it useful – if you have any issues or have any constructive feedback or improvements to suggest, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Is the Grass Really Greener? (Infographic)

The best career decisions aren’t knee-jerk reactions. This infographic shows how a healthy mindset, patience and perseverance leads to great decision making.

Guiding Policy Template

Your career is not everything in life – there are a number of other factors you need to consider when planning for your career success. Use this template to understand the constraints and enablers of your Career Strategy. This ensures that your Career Strategy is realistic – you can also use this template in conjunction with the Career Strategy template.

Assess your next career opportunity

This infographic shows four major criteria that you should use to assess whether a career opportunity is worth pursuing or not. To make this call, you really need to understand your own needs – use this infographic to help you make the right decision.

Career Strategy Template

Having trouble creating your Career Strategy?

Use this simple template to help you get started. It will guide you through the key aspects of creating your own Career Strategy so that you have a clear idea on what you’re aiming to achieve. It won’t solve your problems (only you can do that!) but it will help you to structure your career aspirations.

If you find it valuable or have any constructive feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Why it’s smart to have a Career Strategy

This infographic tells four common stories about common career dilemmas, and shows how each of them can be addressed by having a Career Strategy to guide you.

Career Vision Tool

Having trouble trying to work out what your Career Vision should be?

Many people continue with what they’ve always done because they haven’t thought about what they want to do. Don’t let this be you.

Use this simple tool to guide you through your thought process.

What is a Career Vision?

This infographic describes what a Career Vision is and why having a Career Vision is helpful for your career.