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Why did I write a Career Strategy eBook?

I wrote the Career Strategy eBook because I work in a lot of different places for a lot of different employers (as a consultant), and I’m surprised and shocked at the amount of people I meet who don’t really like their jobs or what they do. This seems to be echoed by an extensive Gallup poll taken in 2013, which found that 13% of workers consider themselves engaged, a massive 63% are disengaged and 24% are actively disengaged…which means they act out and undermine what their coworkers accomplish.

Since a large portion of most people’s lives consists of some sort of work, to me this is pretty grim news indeed. That’s Reason 1 – to try to give people a simple framework to help them attempt to make change or shoot for something they want to do, or to get there in a more efficient way. In my opinion, work doesn’t need to be full of drudgery.

Reason 2 is because I’m often thinking about my own career. What do I want to do? What’s the best way to get there? Should I take this on or not? I wanted to develop a framework and see how it fits, and I want to use it myself to guide me and give me a feeling of control over what I’m doing. And Reason 3 is because I enjoy writing!

Should you read the Career Strategy eBook?

Yes, of course! Create your career strategy today by getting the book on Career Strategy eBookAmazon here.

The target audience are people who:

  • Don’t know what they really want to do, so they are just continuing to do what they’ve always done
  • Have an idea of something they’d really like to do, but haven’t really thought out how to get there
  • Would like a structured way of assessing career opportunities
  • Don’t have the confidence to make change

The Career Strategy eBook contains:

  • What a Career Strategy is and why you should create your career strategy
  • The causes of common career maladies and how they can be solved by having a career strategy
  • A simple framework to develop your own Career Strategy
  • Guidance on creating a vision for your career, to guide you
  • Instructions for setting goals that are in alignment with your overall vision, to keep you heading the right direction
  • A guide to help you understand the skills, experience and competencies you need (and don’t need!) to achieve your vision
  • Guidance on developing a set of actions that will improve your competencies to get you to where you want to be
  • A guide on “life factors” that you should be considering when creating your own Career Strategy
  • Practical advice on applying your strategy to your career, so that you can reap the rewards

For those who like the cover, it was done by, they do good work!

What do I do if I have read the Career Strategy eBook?

Well, for starters, thanks. I’d love to hear what you thought of it. I want to know things like:

  • Was it useful?
  • Did it seem too onerous to put into practice?
  • Was it entertaining enough?
  • Anything missing that you’d have liked to read about?

Please leave a review on Amazon, a comment below or feel free to Contact me.

Career Strategy - Version 2 - Small
Create a direction for your career and get the Career Strategy eBook on Amazon here!

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