Learn how to create a Career Strategy

Learn how to create a career strategyMany people jump from job to job, without a conscious approach to get to where they want to go. Others drift along on their current path because they haven’t thought about what they really want to be doing. If you’re someone who knows you deserve better and want to take control of your own destiny, then the Career Strategy eBook (find it here on Amazon) is for you!

Everyone who cares even a little about their career can benefit from learning how to create a Career Strategy and crafting their own.

What’s inside the Career Strategy eBook

  • A definition of what a Career Strategy is and why it can help you
  • The causes of common career maladies and how they can be solved by having a career strategy
  • A simple framework to help you create your own Career Strategy
  • Guidance on creating a vision for your career, to guide you
  • Instructions for setting goals that are in alignment with your overall vision, to keep you heading the right direction
  • A guide to help you understand the skills, experience and competencies you need (and don’t need!) to achieve your vision
  • Guidance on developing a set of actions that will improve your competencies to get you to where you want to be
  • A guide on “life factors” that you should be considering when creating your own Career Strategy
  • Practical advice on applying your strategy to your career, so that you can reap the rewards

What you’ll get from reading the Career Strategy eBook

  • Learn how to create a Career Strategy
  • Develop a sense of purpose for your career and a feeling of control over your destiny
  • Have a structured approach to break down your aspirations into achievable steps
  • Understand how you plan to get to where you’re going
  • Have a framework for making better career decisions as you pursue your career aspirations

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