Study and work full time: The Full-time Worker’s Study Survival Guide

Many people continue to turn to study as a way to improve their careers. Some people haven’t studied since high-school and want to get a university qualification to help them progress their careers, whilst others are looking to obtain postgraduate degrees. People are also looking to study to completely change their careers.

Whatever the reason for study, one thing remains – you are most likely going to need to keep your day job while you study. This means you’ll need to study and work full time and balance your 40+ hour week with all that learning!

Study and work full time with the Full-time Worker’s Study Survival Guide

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Having studied for my MBA over several years of full-time employment, I know what it’s like to have the stress levels increase (watch out!) while you try to study your way to a better career. Some days it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it but you need to keep going for a long period before you achieve your goal.

This Study Survival Guide is for people who want to study and work full time that are:

  • Looking to achieve their first qualifications after working for years without the need for one
  • Trying to obtain a postgraduate qualification to improve their current career
  • Seeking to make a complete career change through obtaining a new qualification

The Full-time Worker’s Study Survival Guide contains:

  • Why it’s important to be very clear on the reasons why you are studying – and using those reasons to guide your study experience
  • The common fears of returning to full-time study – many people are scared of failure, fearful of dropping out of their course and wasting their money or worried that others will think they’re mad for studying at this late stage in their career
  • Setting study goals based on your reasons for study and tailoring your effort to effectively juggle both work and study activity
  • The importance of routine and self-discipline to set yourself up for success when it comes to your learning experience
  • Prioritising and managing your time effectively so you don’t get caught in the no-sleep spiral which affects both your work, study and family life
  • The challenges of study group work which can have a dramatic effect on whether you enjoy and are successful in your study and building relationships
  • The effect of your busy schedule on your relationships and making sure you don’t do any permanent damage
  • How to stay motivated during your study since you’re in it for the long haul!
  • How doing more than just study is critical for making significant career change

The Study Survival Guide is a 40 page guide containing activities at the end of each section that will help you apply the information. This will enable you to balance your study and full time work/strong> effectively and achieve your goals, while managing your stress levels.

If you want to study and work full time or are thinking about it, I’d encourage you to read this Study Survival Guide to prepare you for the experience – and increase the chance of success!


Study Survival Guide
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